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A modern twist on classic styles...

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How can I afford that Cartier diamond ring she wants”

Well, we are here to tell you we can make any design come to life minus that ridiculously expensive price tag.

Rest assured you still get the very best of cut, clarity, carat and colour. We compromise on price not quality.

You choose what you want, and we make it happen within your budget

Bespoke design service...

Petra Zuci is a true innovator and trend-setter within the jewellery industry with bases in the U.K., Hong Kong, India & U.A.E. Specializing in all GIA, IGI, HRD fancy shape diamonds, Fancy colours, sizes from 0.01ct to 20ct+ and all colour & quality grades.

Petra Zuci is steeped in history, yet we offer cutting edge design with modern/urban flair. Petra Zuci draws upon industry knowledge, years of experience and unrivalled expertise to perfectly guide you in creating your ‘dream’ piece of jewellery.

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